Name: Oerba Yun Fang
Japanese name: ヲルバ=ユン・ファング
Age: 21 (physically), 621 (chronologically)
Occupation: None
Hometown: Oerba
Height: 5'9" (1.75m)
Weapon: Spear
Seiyuu: Mabuki Andou
Voice actor: Rachel Robinson

Six hundred years ago, Fang was an orphan in the village of Oerba, on Gran Pulse, and befriended Vanille. They were chosen as a l'Cie by the fal'Cie Anima to become the beast Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon. But, fearing this fate, Vanille was unable to do it, and Fang alone became Ragnarok, scarring Cocoon's shell.

The two of them were crystallized before their Focus could be completed. Thirteen days before the start of FFXIII, Vanille and Fang wake from their crystal sleep and find themselves in the Bodhum Vestige in Cocoon. Fang's brand is scorched, and she doesn't remember anything of their Focus, but Vanille's is still active, and she pretends to remember nothing as well. Lost and confused in a world full of unfamiliar technology, they decide to try and find a fal'Cie in order to determine their focus. However, this results in a child becoming a l'Cie, and the two of them are separated.

Fang gets caught by the Cavalry, and ends out hanging out with Cid Raines until she gets a chance to get in on the plot. She's the last party member to be playable.

Cocky, sarcastic, and stubborn, Fang isn't one to bend to anyone's will. However, there's very little she won't do for Vanille. Her name means Fang of the Yun clan, from the village of Oerba.


Fang is almost always one of my party members; as the character with the highest attack stat, it's a no-brainer. Her default roles are Commando, Saboteur, and Sentinel. She's not as good as a tank as Snow, but since she's a much better Commando and Saboteur than he is, she has more general use than he does.

Fang's Full ATB Skill, Highwind, is best paired with a Genji Glove so she can break the damage limit. In post-game play, you will end up using this a lot. A lot. The Pandoran Spear and Gae Bolg are both good bases for her ultimate weapon, boosting her Saboteur and Sentinel roles, respectively. Her Eidolon is Bahamut; while useful, Megaflare isn't quite as good as in other games.

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