NORA — No Obligations, Rules, or Authority — is a group from Bodhum. Headed by Snow, they fight back against the Purge.

From left: Lebreau, Maqui, Gadot, Yuj

Aside from Snow, the group has four members: Gadot, Lebreau, Yuj, and Maqui. Gadot is a childhood friend of Snow, and was raised in a Sanctum facility with him. Lebreau runs the café that serves as their group's base. Yuj has an interest in fashion and is the calm member of the group. Maqui is a mechanic.

In Japanese, the name of their group makes more sense: it's a pun on the japanese word noraneko, or stray cat. (That's why there are so many cat jokes in FFXIII-2.)

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