Name: Snow Villiers
Japanese name: スノウ・ヴィリアース
Age: 21
Occupation: Leader of NORA
Hometown: Bodhum
Height: 6'7" (2m)
Weapon: Fists
Seiyuu: Daisuke Ono
Voice actor: Troy Baker

Snow is an orphan who grew up in a Sanctum facility At some point, he and his friends established the group NORA, which serves as a neighborhood watch group and takes out low-level monsters, ostensibly to protect the residents of Bodhum. Their actions aren't sanctioned by the local Guardian Corps, who protect the city, but the local leader, Amodar, turns a blind eye to their actions.

At some point, Snow met Serah Farron and began dating her. Snow, a devoted man by nature, stuck by her even when he found out she had become a l'Cie, and proposed to her a few days later under the Bodhum fireworks display. However, when he took her back to see the fal'Cie that branded her, it captured her inside the Pulse Vestige.

For that reason, Snow fought back against the Purge and tried to reach Serah in time, believing that all she needed was a hero to save her. Instead, she became a crystal before his eyes, leaving him with a crystallized tear.

Snow has long been my least favorite character in the game; I didn't enjoy his constant yelling about wanting to be a hero or his relationship with Serah and found him rather one-dimensional. In fact, it took until Lightning Returns for me to actually like him. There will be more on this in the depth section at a later date.


Snow's default roles are Commando, Ravager, and Sentinel. He's by far the party's best tank; while he's clearly the Monk character, in reality you're just going to hear him yell "Steelguard!!!" a lot.

And, uh, I never use him unless I have to, so I have no other comments. You can find his full crystarium here. His Eidolon is Shiva, who comes in twin sisters and motorcycle form for this game.

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