Final Fantasy XIII-2 had a full OST released, as well as a supplemental soundtrack released the following year. You can find out everything here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack

Composers: Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, Mitsuto Suzuki, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoshitaka Suzuki
Arrangers: Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, Mitsuto Suzuki, Ryo Yamazaki, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Kengo Tokusashi, Shootie HG, Sachiko Miyano
Catalog #: SQEX-10296~9
Length: 5:01:26
Tracks: 79, on 4 discs
Release Date: 14 December 2011

Put simply, the FFXIII-2 soundtrack is unlike anything else in the Final Fantasy music catalog. Which was by design — the composers set out to make it sound like something unlike the rest of the series, and in that they absolutely succeeded.

While certain motifs remain from the first game, for the most part the FFXIII-2 soundtrack is an eclectic blend of everything from orchestral to pop and electronic and even rap music in a few memorable places. Vocal themes are scattered throughout the soundtrack, and each area with battles has multiple versions for battle themes. All in all, it makes for a fantastic soundtrack, and one that shouldn't be missed — it's easily one of my favorite soundtracks in the series.

Disc One Disc Two
  1. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Overture
  2. Warrior Goddess
  3. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 -Wishes-
  4. Etro's Champion
  5. Eternal War
  6. Divine Conflict
  7. An Arrow Through Time
  8. Paradox
  9. Giant's Fist
  10. A World Without Cocoon
  11. Full Speed Ahead
  12. Noel's Theme
  13. New Bodhum
  14. New Bodhum -Aggressive Mix-
  15. Paradigm Shift
  16. Glory's Fanfare
  17. Groovy Chocobo
  18. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 -The Future-
  19. Historia Crux
  20. Worlds Collide
  1. Unseen Intruder
  2. Unseen Intruder -Aggressive Mix-
  3. The Last Hunter
  4. Blessed Fanfare
  5. The Story So Far…
  6. Missing Link
  7. Memories for the Future
  8. Eclipse
  9. Eclipse -Aggressive Mix-
  10. Hope's Theme -Tomorrow's Dream-
  11. Song of the Farseers
  12. Village and Void
  13. Village and Void -Aggressive Mix-
  14. Temporal Rift
  15. Oracle Drive
  16. Caius's Theme
  17. Eyes of Etro
  18. Parallel Worlds
  19. Parallel Worlds -Aggressive Mix-
Disc Three Disc Four
  1. The Void Beyond
  2. Oathbrand
  3. Limit Break!
  4. Starting Over
  5. Starting Over -Aggressive Mix-
  6. Mischievous Mog's Marvelous Plan with Flan
  7. Plains of Eternity
  8. Plains of Eternity -Aggressive Mix-
  9. Serendipity
  10. Chocobo Rodeo
  11. All or Nothing
  12. Threat Level Omega
  13. Chaotic Guardian
  14. Yeul's Theme
  15. Feral Link
  16. Augusta Tower
  17. Augusta Tower -Aggressive Mix-
  18. Academia
  19. Academia Theme
  1. A Fading Miracle
  2. Crazy Chocobo
  3. Shadow of Valhalla
  4. Countless Partings
  5. Hollow Seclusion -Game Over-
  6. Serah's Theme -Memories-
  7. Noel's Theme -Final Journey-
  8. Lightning's Theme -Unprotected Future-
  9. Etro's Gate
  10. Tears of the Goddess
  11. Labyrinth of Chaos
  12. Time's Master
  13. Heart of Chaos
  14. Promise to the Future
  15. Unseen Abyss
  16. Eternal Paradox
  17. World of Hope
  18. Metashield Deployed
  19. The Goddess is Dead
  20. Closing Credits
  21. [Secret Track]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack PLUS

Composers: Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, Mitsuto Suzuki, Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangers: Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, Mitsuto Suzuki, Ryo Yamazaki, Kengo Tokusashi, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Goh Hotoda, Shootie HG, Hiroyuki Togo
Catalog #: SQEX-10311
Length: 1:07:02
Tracks: 16, on 1 disc
Release Date: 30 May 2012

Like the previous game, FFXIII-2 received a PLUS soundtrack of unreleased and bonus material. Like FFXIII's PLUS album, I find a lot of the tracks quite similar to the originals, although there are a few tracks I enjoy a lot, such as this version of "The Last Hunter" and the new "Clash on the Big Bridge" mix from the Gilgamesh DLC. Still, unless you're a big fan of the soundtrack I'd give it a pass.

  1. Local Cosmos_soft_4Beat
  2. Travelogue_GuideVocalDemo
  3. The Last Hunter_original long edition
  4. Unseen Intruder_instrumental
  5. Memories for the Future_another take
  6. FirstPV
  7. Starting Over_Goh Hotoda REMIX
  8. BOSSBATTLE_v2-09_31aug11
  1. Crazy Chocobo_UstreamEdit
  2. Hopping Chocobo
  3. Noel's Theme_guitar demo version
  4. Local Cosmos_other_110725
  5. Parallel World CrossFadeDemo
  6. yuza_050
  7. Clash on the Big Bridge -Oriental MIX-
  8. Noel's Theme -Final Journey- _AbstractSetOne