In this section, you'll find a number of analytical pieces on the FFXIII series and its characters. These pieces seek to go deeper into the characters and the mythos of the series, as well as discuss the games' strengths and weaknesses.

To say that opinions on the FFXIII games are mixed is something of an understatement — people seem to either love them or hate them, with few opinions in between. Obviously, I enjoy the games (this website wouldn't exist otherwise), but I do recognize they have their flaws. These essays are as much a celebration of the things FFXIII gets right — things I believe people often overlook — as well as an acknowledgment and analysis of the problems with the games.

This section is currently under construction! Again, as with most of the site, this would have been completed had I not needed to rush to get the site done. Please bear with me, and check back for updates.