Upcoming Sections

As I've noted in several places, this site is one-third complete. What else am I planning to add? Find out more here.

I first thought about making a fansite for the FFXIII series in early 2014, after finishing Lightning Returns, but I wasn't planning on getting started on it until I had the time to dedicate to it. It is, obviously, a huge project! However, when I was approved for the FFXIII fanlisting, I thought I might as well start on it, and have it be a project I work on over time.

While I do consider this site a priority project, it's a project I can't focus all my time on, either. Working on this site generally means that I need to have replayed at least one of the games recently, but since they're all RPGs with a decent time commitment involved that's easier said than done.

In other words, the slow and steady approach is what works best for this site. If I find the time to work on it for several months at a time, then I'll be able to make large updates, but otherwise they'll come slowly.

The current to-do list is as follows: